"Bridgeway Consulting has been a key partner for us at Grover Gaming since 2016. Rick and Josh helped us create a strong cultural foundation built around our Mission, Vision and Values, and their strategic planning sessions enable us to focus on our Mission. But most importantly, the knowledge and advice they share not only help us at work, but in our personal lives as well."

Garrett Blackwelder, President
Grover Gaming
Greenville, NC

"We have been working with Bridgeway Consulting for 7 years. We utilize a number of their services and programs including leadership development, talent assessment and coaching. The value for the service is exceptional. Personally, I get great pleasure and reward from working with their team."

Rene G. Veilleux, Ed.D., Vice President of Human Resources
Meherrin Agricultural and Chemical Company
Severn, NC

"The Warren Group has worked with Bridgeway consulting for many years. We have utilized their expertise in yearly strategic planning (and will continue to), several of our employees have taken the leadership classes offered, and we also use them to consult on specific employee relations issues. If the emotional health of your organization is important to you, then contact Bridgeway."

Jennifer Morningstar, President
Warren Forensics
Columbia, SC

"Bridgeway Consulting is an invaluable resource for Gallman Professional Services, Inc. We started out attending their Optimal Leader and High-Impact Leader classes – which were both awesome and humbling. We have since sent others to class, utilized Bridgeway for numerous surveys of our staff, and they are facilitating our first serious effort at following a strategic plan. They are knowledgeable, personable and hold to the highest moral and ethical standards."

Nanci Fields, CEO
MJ Sorrell, CCO

Gallman Professional Services, Inc.
Columbia, SC

"Rick and his team at Bridgeway Consulting have been amazing partners in helping our 4th generation family-owned business identify and retain high performance cultural fits for our organization. In addition, Bridgeway Consulting's Optimal Leader course has empowered us to be better servant leaders and Godly stewards of the Company."

Wells Caviness, VP, People and Culture Stewardship
Braswell Family Farms
Rocky Mount, NC

"We use Bridgeway to administer the RightPath® behavioral assessments for all our new hires. Rick does an excellent job of interpreting the test results and assessing whether the hard wiring and predictable natural behaviors of an interviewee are a match for the job opening we are trying to fill. We learned years ago that Bridgeway’s experience in assessing people was something we needed to use on every new hire. We always involve them whenever we interview and hire anyone. We also use Bridgeway for strategic planning. They are excellent in helping our entire team develop a strategic plan for the year and then meeting with us quarterly to hold us accountable. You will get your money's worth when you hire Bridgeway."

Jeff Warren, CEO & Chief Engineer
Warren Forensics
Columbia, SC

"At Intramed Plus, we began utilizing the services offered by Bridgeway Consulting and have experienced a significant improvement and value added to our organization. They have strengthened areas in our leadership and management team and have broadened our assessment of our employee and organizational health through their Employee Assessment of Company Health (E.A.C.H.). From the excellent training programs, strategic planning, and their organizational assessments Bridgeway has been very instrumental in improving and making Intramed Plus a better and stronger patient care service business."

Varner Richards, Owner/CEO
Intramed Plus
Columbia, SC